Our Team

Our Team is lead by an incredible group of Coaches and Officers and Directors. We are fortunate to have their experience and passion for the sport of rowing.


Daniel Elliott

Director of Rowing
Coach Daniel has been involved in the sport of rowing since 1981. Throughout ... read more

Sarah Stomieroski

Head Varsity Coach
Coach Sarah has been coxing and rowing since 1997 as a junior rower with ...read more

Kristen Mattice

Modified Coach

Mike Batzinger

Assistant Modified Coach
Coach Mike started rowing in fall of 2011 for BHRA. He also coxed for the BH ... read more


Kathy Kelley


Mary Mooney

Vice President, Volunteers

Janette Schue

Vice President, Fundraising

Fred Kasparian


Lisa Basil



Aaron Pape

Bill Gohl

Greg Jackson

Harry Darling

Katherine Kemp

Larry Smith

Mary Batzinger

Matt Palitsch

Paul Rouis

Stephen Ives